In this module, we will tackle Enterprise Stakeholder Management, which involves working with all stakeholders to maximize value for the entire organization. We’ll also discuss how stakeholder capitalism and sustainability can be used to create better business practices.

Topic 1: Stakeholder Capitalism and Sustainability

Topic 2: Stakeholder Management

Module 2 is all about the principles of governance and how they can be applied to your business. We’ll start with an overview of the different types of corporate governance, dive into compliance and risk systems, and end with a deep dive into business governance.

Topic 1 : Principles of Governance

Topic 2 : Corporate Governance (audit, compliance, and risk systems)

Topic 3 : Business Governance (Strategic scorecards)

This module covers strategic value creation, a process that creates value for the organization by creating value for its customers. It’s about creating products and services that people want and providing them in a way that is consistent with their expectations.

Topic 1: Contemporary Perspectives in Strategy Development

Topic 2: Strategic context for the enterprise

Topic 3: Enterprise position analysis and appraisal

Topic 4: Culture and Business Models

Topic 5: Information Systems, Technology, and Digitalization

Module 4 is all about sustainable value management. In this module, you’ll learn how to manage the pillars of sustainability: natural capital, social capital, prosperity, and governance. You’ll also learn how to use risk management, reporting, and control systems to ensure your business is responsibly managing its sustainability.

Topic 1: Enterprise Sustainability Pillars 

Topic 2: Managing Natural Capital (Environment)

Topic 3: Managing Social Capital (People)

Topic 4: Managing Economic and Social Value for Customers (Prosperity)

Topic 5: Responsible Capital Management (Governance)

Topic 6: Enterprise Risk Management

Topic 7: Sustainability Management and Control Systems

Topic 8: Sustainability Reporting

This last module will help you understand how to manage change and people through organizational development. This module will focus on managing innovation, creativity, project management, communication, and stakeholder engagements.

Topic 1: Enterprise Leadership

Topic 2: Crisis Management

Topic 3: Managing Change and People (Organizational Development)

Topic 4: Managing Innovation and Creativity

Topic 5: Project Management

Topic 6: Communication and Stakeholder Engagements